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Ivan Rangel- I established R12, a multifaceted company that encompasses an affiliate program, a blog site, and ventures into the realms of fitness, health, beauty, and home appliances. Our aim is to offer comprehensive insights and opportunities in these diverse industries.



Ivan Rangel- I am the founder and CEO of Base1Servicing, a dynamic agency committed to delivering an extensive array of professional services. Our unwavering dedication to excellence ensures that we cater to our clients' diverse needs with precision and expertise.


R12 Property & Management

Ivan Rangel- I proudly established R12 Property and Management as my inaugural venture, where I gained invaluable insights into the business realm and honed my skills in navigating challenging circumstances. Despite closure in 2010 owing to the housing crisis, this experience granted me a wealth of knowledge and resilience.

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Ivan Rangel

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I’m Ivan Rangel, and my journey from LA to Mexico embodies determination, ambition, and success. Relocating in 2011 opened doors with top firms like Carestream Health and Bitedance. Entrepreneurial and driven, I founded companies focused on innovation and project management. As Director at Happen Ventures, I lead sustainability projects that bridge conscious companies with communities, emphasizing social responsibility. My relentless pursuit of success defines my career, showcasing adaptability and impactful results. My commitment continues to empower, innovate, and create positive change.
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